The 6th International Conference of Institutes & Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies

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Sixth International Conference of Institutes & Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies

Institute of Overseas Chinese, Huaqiao University, China
Research School for Southeast Asian Studies, Xiamen University, China
Ohio University Libraries, USA

Overseas Chinese in Contemporary Asia
Conference Dates: October 15-18, 2015
Conference location: Huaqiao University, Xiamen, China

Conference website:

Huaqiao University, Xiamen University and Ohio University are pleased to host the Sixth International Conference of Institutes & Libraries for Overseas Chinese Studies. The purpose of this conference is not only to provide a platform for scholars to interact and exchange ideas with librarians/archivists and collectors, but also to provide an opportunity for examining issues in collection development and resource sharing. Therefore, we welcome proposals from scholars, librarians, archivists, collectors, graduate students and undergraduate students. In the past, the Ohio University Libraries has successfully organized and co-organized five WCILCOS conferences: Athens (OH) USA (2000), Hong Kong (2003), Singapore (2005), Guangzhou, China (2009), and Vancouver, Canada (2012). The 6th conference will take place in Xiamen, where both Huaqiao University and Xiamen University are located. Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city in southeast China, and is also the hometown of a large population of overseas Chinese who currently reside in Southeast Asia. Huaqiao University and Xiamen University both have a long tradition of research and collection-building on Chinese Overseas Studies and both also hold strong programs on Overseas Chinese studies.

Conference Title: Overseas Chinese in Contemporary Asia
Suggested Themes:
1. Research Themes

  • Chinese Overseas and the Cold War
  • Transnational Networks and Chinese Overseas
  • Chinese Overseas and Sino-Foreign Relations
  • Immigration and Emigration Policies
  • Identity, Values, Religion and Culture
  • Chinese Overseas Literature
  • Overseas Chinese Communities
  • Business, Trade and Entrepreneurship
  • Education, Language and Chinese Identities
  • Gender and Women in the Diaspora
  • Film, Popular Culture and the Internet
  • Chinatowns

2.Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Themes

  • Introduction to Research Materials and Methodologies
  • Genealogies and Family Histories
  • Collection Development on Overseas Chinese Studies
  • Digitizing Projects / Database-building
  • Documenting the Internet and Non-print Media
  • Resource Sharing and Open Access
  • Curriculum Integration
  • Management of Data
  • Indexing and Cataloging Issues
  • Public Outreach
  • Exhibitions, Museums, and the Chinese Overseas

Besides the themes above, the conference also seeks roundtable and panel participants, individual paper proposals and poster presentations.

Conference Theme :
Overseas Chinese in Contemporary Asia.

October 15, 2015: Arrival and registration
October 16-17, 2015: Conference
October 18, 2015: Field trip (optional)

Important Deadlines and Requirements:
April 15, 2015: Paper title and Abstract (no more than 450 words), a personal bio(no more than 150 words)and a C.V.
May 15, 2015: Notification of acceptance and invitation letter are sent.
August 15, 2015: Deadline for submitting the formal conference paper
(The postmark date and the sending date of e-mail will be regarded as the date of submission.)
Abstract (in Microsoft Word format) must be written in English or in Chinese and should include:

      1. Name(s) of the authors(s)
      2. Affiliation(s) of the author(s)
      3. E-mail address (es) of the author(s) or Address (es) of the author(s) or
      4. The format for the conference paper submission is as follows:8.5”x11” paper (A4 letter size), 1” margins, single-spaced

English version: font size: 11-point; font: Times or Times New Roman.
Chinese version: font size: 5, Font: Song.

Registration Fee:
Regular: CNY 400 (around $65)
Students: CNY 200 (around $33)

Conference Languages:
English and Chinese
Submission and questions should be made electronically via e-mail to:

Co- Chairs:
SHI Xueqin, Vice Dean, School of International Relations/Research School for Southeast      Asian Studies, Xiamen University
CHEN Jingxi, Director, Documentation Center for Overseas Chinese Studies, Huaqiao University
HE Yan, Curator, Dr. Shao You-Bao Overseas Chinese Documentation and Research Center, Ohio University



会议日期: 2015年10月15-18日
会议地点: 华侨大学,厦门,中国



  • 海外华人与冷战
  • 跨国网络与海外华人
  • 海外华人与中外关系
  • 移民政策
  • 身份认同、价值观、宗教与文化
  • 海外华人文学
  • 海外华人社区
  • 商业、贸易与创业
  • 教育、语言与中国人身份认同
  • 性别与女性问题
  • 电影、流行文化与网络
  • 中国城


  • 研究材料和方法的介绍
  • 家谱和家族档案
  • 拓展海外华人收藏
  • 数字化项目 / 数据库建设
  • 互联网和非印刷媒体文献收藏
  • 文献共享与开放获取(OA)
  • 收藏与课程设置结合
  • 数据管理
  • 索引与编目问题
  • 文献共享
  • 公共宣传与联络
  • 展览和博物馆


2015年10月15日: 报到/注册
2015年10月16-17日: 会议
2015年10月18日: 文化参访

2015年4月15日: 提交论文题目和摘要 (不超过450个字),作者简介(不超过150字)、简历


  1. 论文题目
  2. 作者姓名
  3. 作者单位
  4. 作者电子邮箱地址或邮寄地址

英文字体大小:11pt;字体:Times or Times New Roman




施雪琴            副院长,厦门大学国际关系学院/南洋研究院
陈景熙            主任,华侨大学华侨华人文献中心
何   妍             主任,俄亥俄大学邵友保博士海外华人文献研究中心

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