Bibliography of Hwa-Wei Lee’s Publications

Bibliography of Hwa-Wei Lee’s Publications

1. Educational Development in Taiwan Under Nationalist Government, 1945 – 1962, (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, 1964). 333 p.

2. Areas of Cooperation in Library Development in Asia and Pacific Regions. Papers presented at the 1983 Joint Annual Program of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association and Chinese American Librarians Association, June 28-29, 1983, Los Angeles, California. Edited with Sally C. Tseng and K. Mulliner. Athens, Ohio: Chinese American Librarians Association, 1985. 63p.

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4. Library Development, Resource Sharing, and Networking among Higher Education Institutions in Papua New Guinea. Final Report and Recommendations. (Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: Commission for Higher Education, 1991). 48 p.

5. Co-authored with Gary Hunt, Fundraising for the 1990s: The Challenge Ahead — A Practical Guide for Library Fundraising: From Novice to Expert (Canfield, Ohio: Genaway and Associates, 1992).183 p.

6. 现代化图书馆管理On Modern Library Management. (台北Taipei: 三民书局San Ming Book, 1996). 257 页. (中文)

7. 与 刁維汉Weihan Diao 和 王行仁Andrew H. Wang 合著, OCLC 联机与光盘编目概论OCLC Compact Disk and Online Cataloging. (上海Shanghai: 华东师范大学出版社East China Normal University Press, 1999). 222 页. (Chapter 2:Automate Cataloging in Libraries. pp. 47-78).

8. 与 董小英,左美云 合著。知识管理的理论与实践。(北京,中国:华艺出版社,2002). 471 页。二十一世纪图书馆学丛书。(中文)

9. 李華偉文集 Collected Works of Hwa-Wei Lee. 上下兩集。廣州:中山大學出版社,2011. 1565 頁。(圖書館學家文庫)(中英文)
Papers, reports, and presentations 文章, 報告, 和演講:

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