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Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, Dean Emeritus of Ohio University Libraries, is one of the founders of Dr. Shao You-Bao Documentation and Research Center as well as facilitator of WCILCOS. He has attended all previous WCILCOS conferences and served as organizing committee member.

Through his leadership betweleehw at Annexen 1978-1999, Ohio University Libraries was advanced to new heights. It became one of the founding members of OhioLink, endowments grew to over $8 million, a regional annex was built, digitization of the collections began and the Libraries exceeded the three-million volume mark.

After his retirement from OHIO in 1999, Dr. Lee became chief of the Asian Division of the Library of Congress. Dr. Lee’s worldwide impact was reflected by the stature and number of attendees at the symposium that was held in Shenzhen, China this past November in his honor.

(Source: Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee Received Honorary Ph.D. from Ohio University)

Dr. Lee has published broadly in the field of librarianship. Due to his great accomplishment, there are numerous publications on him as well. The materials provide invaluable information on research about Dr. Lee, which also become important resources on overseas Chinese studies.

(Source: “The Life of Hwa-Wei Lee: A Scholar, A Library Leader, An Ambassador (李华伟博士之旅:学者,图书馆届泰斗,文化使者),” CALA (The Chinese American Librarians Association) Channel via YouTube)

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