This Section is intended to introduce Databases of relevance to Chinese Overseas Studies in different parts of the world, as well as to provide links to these resources.  It includes databases specializing on the Chinese Overseas (according to geographical region or theme) as well as more generalized regional or thematic databases containing resources on the Chinese Overseas in different parts of the world.

Through this initiative, we hope to encourage the sharing of information and knowledge about these databases and other resources.  We also hope to increase the visibility of digitization, database-building and other resource preservation and sharing projects all around the world, in the hope of further advancing them.  It is also our desire to increase awareness among people and institutions working on such projects in different parts of the world about similar projects elsewhere, and perhaps instigate an exchange of ideas and experiences.

Please contact WCILCOS if you know of any databases of interest to our Chinese Overseas studies community, either of your own or that you know of.  All referrers will be duly acknowledged

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