The 5th WCILCOS Conference (Vancouver, Canada, 2012)

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The Fifth Conference (Vancouver, 2012)

The Fifth Conference (Vancouver, 2012)




十八世纪以来,风景旖旎的温哥华即成为华人移美的常经之路;本届会议东道主卑诗大学亚洲图书馆遐迩闻名,馆藏丰富;自2000年美国举办第一届海外 华人研究与文献收藏机构国际会议,海外华人研究,特别是对北美华人的研究发展迅速。诸多因素使位于温哥华的卑诗大学成为本届会议的理想之地。秉承历届会议 的传统,本届会议以研究与资料收集为中心,促进学者与图书馆员的全球合作。

Co-hosted by the University of British Columbia Library and the Ohio University Libraries, the 5th WCILCOS International Conference of Institutes and Libraries for Chinese Overseas Studies on Chinese through the Americas was successfully held May 16th to 19th, 2012 at the University of British Columbia (Point Grey Campus) in Vancouver, Canada. Over 200 scholars, librarians, community researchers and students from 13 countries and regions attended the 28 panels discussions.

It is fitting that Vancouver, Canada to be the venue for the 5th WCILCOS conference as this beautiful city has been a hub of transnational flows of Chinese migrants since the 18th century. As the host institution, the UBC Asian Library is prestigiously placed and equipped to orchestrate the upcoming conference. The return of the WCILCOS Conference to North America also serves to recognize the rapid expansion of Chinese overseas studies and its related fields in the region. As with previous WCILCOS conferences, the organizers hope to utilize this event to promote the nexus between research and documentation on Chinese overseas studies and to facilitate greater interaction between scholars and librarians around the world.


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