Call for Author Encyclopedia of Chinese American History (2014)

Call for Authors Encyclopedia of Chinese American History

Virtually every aspect of American culture has been influenced by Chinese immigrants and their descendants. The Encyclopedia of Chinese American History tells the full story of the Chinese American experience–from immigration, through assimilation and achievement.

The Encyclopedia of Chinese American History highlights the enormous contributions of Chinese Americans to the professions, politics, the academy, and popular culture of America. But beyond all of the familiar names, it captures the essence of everyday life for Chinese Americans as they have assimilated, established communities, and interacted with other ethnic groups. The Encyclopedia of Chinese American History will become the standard resource for exploring why the Chinese came to America, where they settled, and how the distinctive Chinese American identity was formed.

This project will be published by ABC-CLIO in 2016 and will be marketed to academic and public libraries as a print and digital product available to students via the library’s electronic services. The General Editor, who will be reviewing each submission to the project, is Dr. Jonathan H. X. Lee, San Francisco State University.

If you wish to contribute to building a valuable reference resource, please email Dr. Jonathan Lee at for more information.
Encyclopedia of Chinese American History

Headwords Word count
Part I: Historical Overview essay 2000
Alien Land Law, 1913 500
American Federation of Labor (AFL) 300
Angel Island Immigration Station 1000
Angell Treaty (Chinese Exclusion Treaty), 1880 300
Anti-Chinese Violence 1000
Anti-Micegenation Laws 1000
Bemis, Polly 300
Bing Kung Tong (Binggong Tang) 300
“Bachelor Society” 300
Boxer Indemnity Fellowship (Boxer Rebellion, 1900) 200
Bowl of Rice Movement 200
Burlingame Treaty, 1868 200
Cameron, Donaldina Mackenzie 200
Cantonese 500
Chennault, Anna C. (Chen Xiangmei) 200
Chiang, Madame Kai-shek (Soong Meiling) 200
Cameron House 200
China War Relief Association 200
Chinatowns 500
Chin, Vincent 300
China Books and Periodicals 500
Chinese Americans and homosexuality 1000
Chinese Exclussion Act, 1882 300
Chinese immigration to Canada 1000
Chinese in Hawaii 1000
Chinese immigration to Mexico 1000
Chinese immigration to South America 1000
Chinese-Vietnamese 500
crib papers 300
Chinese Diasporia 1000
“Dollar Diplomacy” in China 500
Hip Sing Tong (Xiesheng Tang) 200
Hop Sing Tong (Hesheng Tang) 200
Huiguan (The Chinese Six Companies) 500
Hong Kong 200
International context of Chinese immigration to American, to 1870 1000
Locke (a Zhongshan community in the California delta) 500
Page Act, 1875 200
paper sons, paper daughters 200
Opium Wars, 1840 and 1856 300
Queue Ordinance (1876) 200
Rape of Nanjing 200
Refugee Relief Act (1953) 200
Refugee Escape Act (1957) 200
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta 500
Sam Yap and Sze Yap 500
San Francisco Earthquake (1906) 300
Scott Act of 1888 200
Sino-Japan War, 1894 200
Sino-U.S. relations (e.g. Treaty of Nanjing, 1842; Treaty of Wangxia, 1844, etc) 1000
Taiwan 1000
Triads 200
War Brides Act of 1945 200
World War I 1000
World War II 1000
Part II: Political & Economic Life: Business & Politics 2000
Chinese American Citizens Alliance (CACA) 500
Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) 500
Chinese contract labor 1000
Chinese family associations 1000
Chinese grocery stores 1000
Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance 500
Chinese Hospital, San Francisco 1000
Chinese language schools 2000
Chinese language newspapers in America 1000
Chinese laundries 1000
Chinese Immigration During the Gold Rush 2000
Chu, Judy 500
Contract laborer, Chinese 500
Coolie trade 500
Eu, March Fong 500
Fishing, Chinese in 500
Flying Tigers 500
Fong, Hiram L 500
garment factories 500
Gompers, Samuel 500
Imperial Reform Party 500
International Ladies Garment Workers Union 500
Kuomingtang (Guomingdang), in Chinatowns 1000
Laundry Ordinances 300
Locke, Gary 500
McCarthyism 1000
National Chinese Welfare Council 300
People v. Hall 1000
Sun Yat-sen 500
Taiping Rebellion 1000
Transcontinental Railroad 2000
U.S.-China Trade and Early Chinese Immigration to America, to 1870 2000
Part III: Cultural & Religious Life: People, Institutions, Organizations 2000
Open to suggestions on specific historical sites, organizations, etc. Please email
Part IV: Literature, the Arts, and Popular Culture: People, Movements, and Expressions of Identity 2000
Chinese American literature 2000
Chinese Americans in motion pictures 2000
Chinese American actors and actoresses 2000
Chinese Americans and visual arts 2000
Chinese American dancers 2000
Chinese American fashion designers 2000
Chinese martial arts 2000
Chinese nightclubs (1920s-1940s) 2000
Chinese restaurants 2000
Chinese Americans in sports 2000
Chinese supermarkets 1000
Chih Kung Tong (Zhigong Tang) 300
Chin, Frank 300
Chinese opera 1000
Dong, Arthur 300
Howe, James Wong 300
Hwang, David Henry 300
Kingston, Maxine Hong 300
Lee, Ang 300
Lee, Bruce (Lee Jun Fan) 300
Lee, C. Y. and Flower Drum Song 300
Lee, Rose Hum 300
Lin, Maya Ying 300
Liu, Lucy 300
Ma, Yo-Yo 300
Miss Chinatown 300
Model Minority 1500
Pei, I. M. (Ieoh Ming) 300
Sui, Anna 300
Tam, Vivienne 300
Tan, Amy 300
Wang, Wayne 300
Wang, Anna May 300
Wang, Vera 300
Wong, B.W. 300
Wong, Jade Snow 300
Wu, Daniel 300
Yang, Gene Luen 300
Yep, Laurence 300

Thank you,

Jonathan Lee
Associate Professor of Asian American Studies
San Francisco State University


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